Regular maintenance not only keeps your car running as well as it possibly can it also keeps it stopping in the same manner. I have a saying "If your car doesn't go it's a nuisance, if it doesn't stop it's a problem".

Oil and filter changes are the obvious part of maintenance but your braking system needs maintenance too.

Brake fluid absorbs moisture and should be checked and changed on a regular basis.

From $170 for 4 cyl petrol vehicle
Add a WOF for only $40.00 (special price)


  • Change engine oil and filter

  • Clean air filter

  • Check spark plugs where readily accessible

  • Transmission, check oil level and condition

  • Brakes, remove wheels, check and adjust

    • Check brake fluid level and condition

  • Cooling System, check coolant level and condition

    • ​Visual check for leaks

  • Tyres, check  tread depth, condition and pressure

  • Drive belts, check condition and tension

  • Electrical, check operation of all lights

    • Check charging system voltage

    • Check battery electrolyte level, terminals etc

  • Washers, check operation, top up with washer additive

  • Exhaust, visual check for condition, leaks, mounts etc

  • Check wheel bearings for play, noise

  • Check and lube door locks, hinges catches etc

  • General under body check


We work with an "Eyes Open" policy.

Any faults or problems beyond what we are asked to do will be reported to the vehicle owner.

We do not carry out any additional repairs without your consent!.

Brake fluid change from $55.00
  • Drain and replenish master cylinder

  • Pressure bleed all brakes

  • Road test and check operation


Add $25.00 to


  • Remove wheels and rear brake drums

  • Check clean and adjust rear drum brakes

  • Check front brake pads


Prices include GST