The modern motor vehicle has many computer controlled systems including but not limited to:


  • Engine ECU (Electronic Control Unit) Can control your fuel injectors, ignition, valve timing, cooling fans and more.

  • Transmission ECU (Electronic Control Unit) Controls transmission shift speed and quality.

  • ABS (Antilock Braking System) Prevents brake lock up during heavy braking, or when braking on surfaces with reduced grip.

  • SRS (Airbag Supplementary Restraint System) Controls the air bags reducing or preventing injury in a crash.

  • BCM (Body Control Module) Can control lights, wipers, doors, windows and more. Can be interfaced with security systems etc.

  • Security Systems

  • Central Locking systems.

  • Keyless Entry



Without up to date diagnostic equipment, many of these systems are difficult if not impossible to diagnose.

We have the Carmanscan AT which covers most systems on most vehicles and is regularly updated.

Having said that, the equipment is only as good as the operator.

With a combined almost 50 years automotive experience our staff are well versed in automotive electronic systems.

Diagnostic scan tool